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Our curriculum is set up so that students attending class 2-3 times per week should become proficient and be able to attend the Formal Promotional Testing after 8 weeks. White belt curriculum can be learned in less time with the right dedication

There are 5 belts in the Beginner Tiger class and an additional 6 Belts in the Advanced Tiger class.  Students in the Beginner Tiger class will use a Sahng Jeol Bong (Nunchaku). Students in the Advanced Tiger Class will use Hand Gear and a CBME (a padded training stick). Students will move from the Tiger Program into the Junior program by reaching the end of the Tiger Belts or by reaching their 7th Birthday.

One block of curriculum is taught in the corresponding belt group at a time. Students may learn the curriculum in a different order than other students depending on when they move up into the belt group. Knowledge Stripes are earned in class to show their progress between tests. See the chart below for further explanation.

Tiger Achievement Stripes (Applied on Left Belt Tip)

1st Stripe Test on the 3rd week for Basics (New Moves)

2nd Stripe Test on the 7th week for Self Defense

3rd Stripe Test on the 8th week for Weapon/Sparring Skills

4th Stripe Test on the 9th week for Form Performance

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