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I have had my son here since the doors opened at this location and they had their ups & down with the instructors BUT now they are under new ownership. The new instructor is a great teacher and very patient and knowledgeable and now my daughter has also been going for 3 months. Couldn't ask for a better school or people.

Richard Niblett

Justin, TX

The staff and the program are great, to get the most out of it I would encourage you to be there three times a week and actively watch your kids learn. My son has gained so much from ATA.

Michael Calloway

Roanoke, TX

My three girls have been going to Roanoke ATA just for a couple months and I couldn't ask for a better instructor than Master Morrison. He is great with the children and they love going to taekwondo. We have taken other martial arts and my girls got bored quickly, but that has not happened in Master Morrison's class.

Amy Dean

Roanoke, TX

My Daughter has been going now for 5 months she absolutely loves it! Master Morrison is an exceptional teacher.

Natalie Palos

Roanoke, TX

My daughters have both been in taekwondo for 4 years. We just started at Roanoke ATA and they both love it! Master Morrison is an amazing instructor they have already learned so much from him in such a short time. Highly recommend trying a class! You won't be disappointed!!!

Kara Maldonado

Lantana, TX

Being a School Owner myself and a veteran of Martial Arts for over 28 years, I can easily give Roanoke ATA 5 stars for their quality, integrity, and their ability to touch and change lives through their teachings. Master Morrison has a long track record of success and will help guide you and/or your children towards fulfilling your goals; not only in Martial Arts, but also in life.

Master Eric Pechacek

Carrolton, TX

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