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General Questions

  1. What to wear to class? - This depends on time of year.  Winter is full uniform time and late spring/summer is kick pants and martial arts tee shirt.  Saturdays are always kick pants and martial arts tee shirt days.  It is full uniform for all testings.

  2. When is belt testing? -  Color belt testing is every 8 weeks and you need all of your stripes to test.  Full details can be found here

  3. When can I start sparring? - As soon as you purchase ATA approved sparring gear.  You are required to start sparring when you reach Camo belt.

  4. When can I join Leadership? - Anytime.  There is a one time enrollment fee which includes a custom lettered leadership uniform and then a monthly increase in fees.  You will then be able to attend XMA1, XMA2 (invite only) and leadership classes.

  5. What is Legacy? - Legacy is a program designed for advanced students ( red belt and up) over the age of 10 looking to take training to the next level. There is a one time enrollment fee and then a monthly increase in fees.

Tournament Questions

  1. What to wear to tournaments? - You are required to wear your full white uniform, belt, under shirt or tank top, and closed toe shoes. No Jewelry or watches allowed. If your sleeves or pants are to long please roll hem to the inside.  Please make sure your uniform is clean and pressed and ensure all patches are on your uniform. 

  2. How do I earn points at the tournaments? -  You must be in Leadership to acquire points.

  3. What is the difference of the White and Black uniforms? - White uniforms are used for traditional competition and black uniforms are XMA and Creative competition. More information can be found here

  4. Can I bring outside food and drink to a tournament? - The answer for this is based off the venue where the tournament is held. Every event is different and details are listed in the links. Places that do not allow outside food or drink do allow the competitor to bring one bottle of water and a snack.

  5. Can I max out on points? - All information is listed here

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